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Jennifer assists with manuscript writing with one on one book coaching and blog development sessions and coaching individuals through the process of book development where their life-stories are concerned. She specializes in crafting personal bio and strokes related to family and/or biographies.

Story Development

The story development process involves:

-Contract w/Session Fees for a six month window, if done consistently .

-Bio & Introduction Sessions

-Story-Crafting & Creation sessions

-Word structuring & Concept development

-Full Completion of Manuscript prior to editing phase .

Jennifer also gives tips for self publishing. Her business, OtherSide Enterprises, LLC has helped author several women books and recognize they have a platform for an authentic voice that must be heard!

All recommendations are for non-fiction & biographies and personal stories and /or curriculums., (No fiction writing).

Jennifer assists with story development and story-crafting Story-crafting may involve interviewing, probing or research on topics or gathering insight for factual interpretation of the writing then individuals develop. I also help craft the story into a blog or create this as they develop the stories, and add structural detail and creative input to enhance the story’s meaningfulness or relevance.


1. Blog development (for 1 hour) – $50 per session.

2. Manuscript creation- $55 an hour/ 1.5 hours on Skype, Google Duo or FaceTime .

3. Extra fees apply for transcription of story, interviewing and ghostwriting has more developed fees- since this type of development is much more intense, requires more time, and may involve detailed interviews or consulting, or typing stories in person, on video or by video interviews on Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

The goal is to create in a six month period; a complete manuscript to your liking that will be ready for editing with an editor of your choice and a manuscript for self-publishing.

Jennifer also assists with ghostwriting projects for authors which involve more particulars and can involve more intricate pricing detail. Please contact for more information.

Questions? Contact Jennifer for a 20 minute consult.


Jennifer Owens

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Here are a few published books that Jennifer has helped complete manuscript work on:

And lastly…

Jacquema Jones, Author of “Fighting to Stay Current” Due for release in September 2018