The Kamau Care (*Audio) Meditative Series

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The  Kamau Care Meditative Series is  here!

      Need more Motivation?

Are Stressed out and feeling like you have no “Me- Time?

Under-Valued and Over Committed?


Have Difficulty Saying No?


Memorialize your moments by  spending a few moments  during your day with my meditative series and  synchronize your life rhythm and reconnect with your life purpose!  


 You’ll receive with your Kamau Care Package 
  • 6to 10  meditative downloads to listen to at your convenience. 

  •   1 – 2 page Reading and Action plan materials to begin your process to greater self-renewal 

  • A convenient way to download to  your own personal Dropbox  and save for as long as you need them!

Normally a $45 dollar value, I am making available to you for ONLY $10.00 U.S. dollars! 

Click here for more details: Kamau Care Meditative Series   “Truly Me” Series $10.00 USD