The Kamau Care (*Audio) Meditative Series

The  Kamau Care Meditative Series is  here!

  •  Need More Motivation?
  • Feeling Undervalued & Need More “Me- Time?
  • Under-Valued and Over Committed?
  • Having Difficulty Concentrating on Purpose?
  • Have Difficulty Saying No?
  • Need An Esteem Booster

Memorialize your moments by  spending a few moments  during your day with my meditative series and  synchronize your life rhythm and reconnect with your life purpose!  

Kamau (which means Silent Warrior), focuses on meditation on your success! Currently the series is not for sale but available for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud. Contact Jennifer for more information at 
   Kamau  Care  Videos  and  Audio are how  we share and  communicate  about   Self Care.  We  evenhave a self care course that  will help you  to have a Rhythm-Centered Life. Please  visit and learn how to become more sensitive to  your emotional  mental and psyhcial  self-care. 

Click here for more details: Kamau Care Meditative Series   “Truly Me” Series.