About JennRene…That‚Äôs Me. ūü§ó

JennRene Owens …is my ‚Äúauthor name‚ÄĚ & i am alsonknown as ¬†Jenn Owens which is my ‚Äúreal name‚ÄĚ and I have spent SO much time trying to get to know myself in an effort of just having gone several years of NOT knowing myself.

But one day, something magical happened. I found out my middle name – Rene… meant PEACE... and¬† that was enough to¬† tell me I had¬† a lot to work on, yet also I had much to share .¬† And¬† even to this day – and beyond –¬†at 51 Beautiful years of life… I STILL work on me.

I decided  that with my God-given sincerity and my ministry of grace to the broken-hearted, there is where God has desired I  spend  the most of  my time, writing.

So here I am.

Join me as I love to write and blog; and this  is my favorite way of communicating where and how to walk in the grace of God.

Sincere lessons about following your heart, being intuitive and walking in purpose, is the focus.

Jennifer Owens is a certified mental health therapist, resident chaplain, author, speaker and self-care & leadership coach. Jennifer works with writers  independently to write their life story,; and as a self-care coach she helps them increase  their  confidence and walk in greater self-Actualization purpose and intention.

Women will boost their esteem and productivity by pushing past the self-doubt  and   the thoughts and  issues holding them back.

Jennifer graduated with her Masters from the Howard University School of Social Work, in Washington DC .  Her  first book,  Red Sea Situations: Finding Courage in the Deep Seas of Life,   can be found  for purchase on Amazon, and she would love to discuss  it with you,  or perhaps spiritual or leadership coaching.

Jennifer also   coaches   people on  self care and  re-balancing busy lives.   She has a Self Care course called The Rhythm Conscious Life Рavailable online and  ready for absorbing fully! Visit Jennifer at  her websites and blogs : Yes! I Am Lovely, Special & Good Enough and her blog for women leaders in the community..

Jennifer’s ¬†passion for interviewing, documentaries, photography and discussion has caused me to carry a burden and a passion¬†for those who silently endure all kinds of challenges. She strives to help women in particular, but also groups- develop & find beauty in their own vulnerability and to help people (particularly women) find their voices.

A Rose in Bloom is Jennifer’s second ¬†leadership conference, occurring in April 2016, in Tulsa Oklahoma. She had a lakeside ¬†and spiritual leadership retreat in ¬†April of 2018¬†ūüí鬆‚ÄúDiamonds: Understanding The Value of Being God‚Äôs ¬†True Jewel.‚ÄĚ This primarily focuses on identity, wholeness, purpose and spiritual gifts. Daily her focus in 2019 involves being ¬†a full time chaplain in her spiritual work and she focus her time and energy on shine, her spiritual inspiration group for women and self-transformation.

In 2004 in Central New York , Jennifer honored women at her first ¬†family conference –¬†‚ÄúWomen Who Are Able To Produce.‚ÄĚ This conference was designed to honor women in the Central NY ¬†community and ¬†Jennifer has on several occasions chosen to honor women in leadership in the community. ¬†She honors them by sharing their gifts and knowledge or by sharing their creative ability. Jennifer also won the Diversity Achievers Award in 2003 for Central New York , YWCA leaders.

Jennifer has held international community leadership groups and seminars. Her first being  in S. Africa; and she along with other South African leaders led youth dialogue sessions about following your dreams; developed teaching manuals for leaders in other countries; taught adjunct professor courses in N.Y.; and held online self-help courses. In addition, she has and participated in several community leadership forums and family conferences in Syracuse, N.Y. and Texas.

Jennifer will soon have out a few new online courses and her Red Sea Book & Devotional Online with accompanying workbook has been released.

In His Image. ‚̧ԳŹ

Please connect with Jenn at jennifer@owensgroupservices.com


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