My Sabbath Rest, Day .

I’ve taken to micro-blogging bfor the sake of a lack of time, and what you see here is the beginning of my offering to you as to how I partake of my personal rest. Self care used to be hard for me. I have a very busy job and some days I get going and don’t settle at all til the evenings…rather late… Yet this picture here helps me find that and remember it. I try my best to make Sundays a Sabbath. The last few Sundays I have been pretty  good with this goal. I’ve been successful in finding rest. Some try to often make us feel guilty for resting, but no..not I. Sabbath is a  place of resolve. And if I cannot find it at  all…in any given day, then something’s wrong. I don’t care who tries to make me feel guilty, I won’t accept it. Even my husband . (Well.. yeah….)

Want to test with me on Sundays?

My noted change has been: NO pre Monday morning dreading work because I feel rested and ready for the day Mon. Am. Check out my links I post, or my blog posts.. you’ll find rest….😄 Please read this blog by Shelly Miller it’s on time for learning about how to rest. .
 Keri Wyatt Kent is one of my favorite authors of books called: “rest.” Her blog is here:
http://www.keriwyattkent com is another good Sabbath blog.


Why not join me and rest?
Share every Sunday how you take time to relax in the weekend.
Thanks for reading. And sharing!


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